05 – lyrics

(Songtexte von „Jan HARPO Svensson“)

Interpret : Jan Harpo Svensson
Titel : 05
Englische Übersetzung : Carin Olofson
Sprache : Englisch
Aus dem Album : Jan Harpo Svensson 05
Veröffentlichung : 2005
Website : www.harpo-svensson.de

Walking around in January snow
a solitair, I am an island
The wind blows cold from Öresund (the sound between Sweden and Denmark)
I have to warm myself a while
A coffee house at Möllevång (a part of Malmö)
I drink sweed and mint tea
Through smoke I have problems seeing
who is humming on a song

He comes over to my table
He says help me find the words
about that happiness is a utopia
and how is a prisoner, who is free?
For who gets smart, and who gets wise?
Soon the poles are melting, melting ice
Then we get new perspectives
when we castle and change lives

05 05
05 05
05 05
Who is chasing who then in
who is chasing who
who is chasing who then in
wolf country?

He gets up, takes my hand and smiles
and says we will probably never meet again
but „the blue“ (Malmö soccer team) will have a good season
because spring will probably get here this year too

05 05
05 05
05 05
Welcome home
05 05
05 05
05 05
Welcome home
– – –

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