Long Lonely Summer – lyrics

(Songtexte von „Jan HARPO Svensson“)

Interpret : Harpo
Titel : Long Lonely Summer
Sprache : Englisch
Aus dem Album : Leo The Leopard
Veröffentlichung : 1974
Website : www.harpo-svensson.de

I drink my coke in a silent coffee bar
I read the news about the local basaball star
The dog is lazy sleeping in the morning sun
I’ll send you a postcard to tell you life without you is no fun
And now the lonely juke box plays a sad melody
I wonder if the singer ever felt just like me
I don’t want to listen to the beautiful rock’n’roll
Feels like I’m dying, winter in my soul

Long lonely summer
Long lonely summer
Iong lonely summer

Driving by the beach and the crystal star I’d seen
We could be together now, a wonderful world it would be
Moonshine through the window and the cricket star to sing
I can feel the summer breeze blow, but it don’t mean anything
It’s dark inside my mind, leave my troubles behind
Just want to find somewhere to hide
I’m on my holiday, California is not so far
Driving down the highway, crying in my car

Long lonely summer
Long lonely summer
Long lonely summer

Long lonely summer
Long lonely summer
Long lonely sommer
And I’m waiting
– – –

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